Development and Alumni Relations Materials

I currently serve as the Senior Graphic Designer at UC Davis Development and Alumni Relations, responsible for the design, branding and production of all materials pertaining to fundraising and alumni relations at the university, with an audience of 250,000+ alumni and raising roughly $250m per year.

Art Director, Designer

Print solicitation templates

Donor Gala print invitations. Event held at a historic barn on the UC Davis campus, and event materials reflected the formal yet rural nature of the night.

Interactive timeline displayed at Donor Gala. UC Davis historic moments were displayed along 12 72" x 36" panels, to which guests were invited to "add their own UC Davis history."

Cheer cards for use by attendees at UC Davis sporting events

By Philanthropy campaign bringing awareness to the impact of philanthropy to the university. Involved placing large blue bows on buildings which are funded by donations, adjacent to informational signs. Electronic signage graphics were also created, as well as blank thank you cards to acknowledge donors and lapel pins for faculty members whose positions are the result of private funding.